Brewing Made Easy – Right in Our Store!

If you re new to beer brewing, and not quite ready to invest in your own equipment, stop by Schoolhouse and sign-up for Brew Lab. With Brew Lab, you can use our new state of the art Blichmann Breweasy System to make the beer of your dreams. Just let us know your favorite beer style and we ll do the heavy lifting, cleaning, and recipe creating. All you do is brew, have fun, and enjoy a beer!
Brewing made easy with Blichmann.

Brew Lab Pricing:

  • All-Grain system: (about 3-4 hours):
    $99.99 + ingredients for 5 gallons
  • Extract system: (about 2-3 hours):
    $49.99 + ingredients for 5 gallons


Fermentation / Bottling *:

  • $49.99 + bottles
  • $30 for kegs
* Use of carboy, priming sugar, caps/sanitizer is included with fermentation & bottling/kegging fee.

Already have your own bottles? Reclaimed bottles lessen the impact on the environment and puts money back in your pocket. Just make sure you bring amber bottles that are the crown-top type (non-screw).

When you re ready to start brewing beer on your own, we ll give you a wide selection and variety of options to consider when purchasing your own home brewing equipment. Or jump in with our Starter Kit!

Have Questions About Home Brewing? Call Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing believes the best beer is your beer. When you create a brew for yourself, it’s an almost mystical experience. Call it chemistry -it is! Or call it the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your own labor. There is no beer like the beer you put your heart and soul into.

Brewing made easy with Brew Lab at Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing.




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