After School Club is fun.
After School Club is 10 times better than a gym membership, because you will actually use it! We aren’t the treadmill in the corner gathering dust - we’re the club with unusually tasty friends that greet you every time you open the fridge.

This is a great way to get exposed to a variety of flavors without the expense of buying a full six pack. We carefully choose each 3 pack or 6 pack of mixed brews each month. The best part of the deal is the 10% off the in house Brew Lab services.

Get Extra Credit with Your Choice of Participation

Variety is what makes our club stand out. Choose from 2 different After School Club memberships:

Tutoring Beer of the Month Club / $24.99 every month
Tutoring is our monthly starter package. It’s a great deal! Schoolhouse picks out 3 different 12oz bottles, and a 22 oz. growler. When you come in for pick up you get to choose from our taps a 32oz. bomber.

Remediation Beer of the Month Club / $49.99 every month
Remediation is the bigger starter package. We choose a mixed 6 pack for you of our featured beers and 2 22oz. growlers. Again when you come to pick up you can choose from either (2) 32oz bombers or (1) 64oz bombers. We call this variety heaven.

And get extra credit! Each membership includes 10% off our in-house Brew Lab service.

The Ultimate Craft Beer Club!

Join the After School Club and discover the latest beers and tastes on the market. Fresh is your friend. And because … beer!

Treat yourself to the Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing after school craft beer club.




Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing - "After School" Craft Beer Club
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